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The story of Radu goes back to 2004 in Newcastle, NSW where a shortage of violinists at the Conservatorium led Eleanor Streatfeild and three friends to form a cello quartet (called Strongbow!)


Now, years later and due to demand for a commercially focussed cello quartet in Sydney to perform at weddings and corporate events, Radu is a return to the unique sound that only a cello quartet can create. 


Eleanor is  also a founder and manager of Sanctuary String Quartet and The Australian Session Orchestra, both of which she has built together with her husband and violinist Daniel Lopez, to become two of Australia's largest and most trusted national musicians' agencies. Drawing from this pool of exceptional colleagues, Radu Cello Ensemble brings together some of Australia's most talented and experienced musicians to perform at your wedding or special occasion. 


We hope you'll enjoy checking out this site, and look forward to working together with you to create something beautiful for your event!


Eleanor Streatfeild


Cellist: Opera Australia Orchestra | Queensland Symphony Orchestra | Michael Cassel Group | Candlelight Concerts

Director: Rue Arts | The Australian Session Orchestra | Sanctuary String Quartet | Radu Cello Ensemble

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